Friday, July 13, 2012


Just let's revisit the incident of Mahabharata:
Draupadi = Self(Atma)
Pandavas = Sense Organs
Krsna = Infinite (Paramatma)
Dushasana, Karna, Duryodhana & kauravas = Vices(Greed, Anger,Lust etc)
Bheesma pithamah = Gyana/Knowledge
Dhronacharya = Guru
Vidur= Nyaya and Niti
Sanjaya = Witness( Drustha Bhava)
Kurukshetra = the small place between Our Right brain and Left brain

When the sense organs(pandavas) loose out to the vices(Kauravas), they try to destroy the Modesty and Chastity of the Self(Draupadi), and at that time no one comes to the rescue of the Self, it's the Self who has to totally Surrender to the Infinite(Krsna) to Save it's Modesty and Chastity, even the Gyana(Bheesma), Guru(Drona), Nyaya and Niti (Vidur) they too can't help the Self, it's the surrender in totality helps the Self.. even when Draupadi( Self) called Krsna to rescue her, at first place even He had not come, as Draupadi was holding to her Saree and was Still a bit egoistic and was calling out with a doubt in mind, Krsna(Infinite) came only when Draupadi left her Saree and raised her both the hands in total Saranagati to the Infinite one, thus Merging into the Infinite one in Turiya Avastha, and The Infinite with His abundance helps her out ....

Lesson: Never allow your Self to be egoistic, never allow your sense organs to overtake your self, never be in the bad company of vices even Nyaya, Niti, Gyana and Guru will not be able to help you,.. Always be in Saranagati bhava to the Infinite one and have Drustha bhava like Sanjaya....

Kurushetra is a small place inbetween our Right and Left brain where always there is a conflict of Good and Bad, it's through total surrender to the Infinite one, we can conquer all our vices and win the battle of life for the MOKSHA

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