Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grinding Stone

                            Grinding Stone 

Everyone must have seen this type of stones, if not in the city, maybe at 
small towns or at villages, ... When you Grind any Grains through it, you have 
to put the grains from Upside and rotate with the help of the Handle and 
it grinds to powder... but some grains remains ungrinded as they stick to the 
center rod...

The handle is our Maya, the Bottom stone of the wheel is Dharma and the top 

one which rotates is our Life's wheel (Positive & Negative) and the Grains 
pouring from top are our Sanchit karmas, the center rod is Parmatma,(if you 
notice the Bottom stone-Dharma and the Center Rod-Parmatama are 
Stationary, they remain mere as Witness) ... so if 
you want to be like the ungrinded grains, just stick to Parmatma.. and 
never allow to be powdered by Maya and Karma's..

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  1. awesome. stress buster.. n eye opener.. jst luvd it papa. namah shivaya:)