Sunday, July 8, 2012

Healing with Compassion

                                                  Healing with Compassion
                                                                        Avdhoot Baba Shivanand

There is no energy more powerful than the love energy. If we fill our hearts with unconditional love for the humanity, I guarantee that we can put an end to all human sufferings.

Siddha Kundalini Yoga is full of compassion. It is based on the unconditional love of none other than the Lord Shiva himself. At the advent of civilization, Lord Shiva came on this planet with the objective that mankind should not lose itself in the affairs of the world. His intention was not to let the man disconnect himself with the God. Which precisely what is happening today. Because of all the negative energy that surrounds us, the planet earth is drifting away from divine light of the holy universe. It is only with the Siddha powers that this drifting movement can be slowed down. It is with the love energy that we can bring the planet back to light and to God.

There is no denying that more and more people are using a variety of meditation methods,however, their heart chakras are not opening up. There is so much of negativity in the Kalyug that
we need a meditation method that can open up the heart chakra and let the energy flow through our being, which in turn we can pass on to the rest of humanity.

Siddha Kundalini Yoga is the ideal meditation method for the Kalyug. Because in Kalyug, the life span is short and there are diseases galore. We need a meditation method that can rid us of
bodily disorders too. With SKY, you heal yourself while you meditate and you meditate while you heal yourself. What can be better than that!

When you practice SKY, you open up your Chakras and also acquire healing powers. And when you do so, you attract other people who approach you to solve their problems; love starts flowing
through you for them. After they are healed, love starts flowing to you from them. In this manner, there is an exchange of love energy and both the giver and the receiver enlarge their heart
charkas with immense love. As a healer, you grow faster on the path of spirituality, because when you do “Nishkam Sewa” or self less service God is extra kind to you. God loves Sadhaks who
also give healing along with meditation because such Sadhaks are instrumental in the well being of humanity. Which is God’s own work. These people spread unconditional love of Lord Shiva to

Babaji decided to teach this sacred method because, now more than ever, humanity needs to be empowered with Siddha Kundalini Yoga.
While various Yogic methods exist, i.e. Raj Yoga, Hath Yoga, Jap Yoga, Kriya Yoga, they work only on the individual growth. But SKY activates your Kundalini Shakti. It awakens your inner
strength. This inner strength is the backbone of your success, bringing you good health, abundance, prosperity and everything positive. And you can use the same powers to enrich the
lives of your family and friends. In this way you become instrumental in spreading divinity.

So, how come this sacred divine power is now available to everybody? The first Siddha Guru was Adi Guru Lord Shiva, who came to earth and transferred the divine knowledge to a few deserving people, who were called Siddhas. These Siddhas kept the parampara alive by transferring the Shakti and the knowledge to the few of their worthy disciples. And then started the tradition of passing down the wisdom, to the seeker through “Shakti Path”.
While there is a mention of various Kriyas of Siddha Kundalini Yoga, e. g. Mrit Sanjivani, Siddha Kriya, Diya Kriya, Shambhavi Shakti, the details were kept closely guarded.The knowledge died
with few Gurus.

But in Kalyug, when the humanity is reeling under darkness, God decided to throw open all the secrets for the benefit of the humanity. So that we can come out of suffering and begin our
journey towards Satyug. The period has already began from 1984 and shall continue till 2012.

This is the right time for every seeker to walk the path of spirituality and learn to meditate. In this period, grace marks are awaiting for every seeker.

Many Maharishi have mentioned about the Mahima of divine period. And their desire to do Sadhna in this period so that they could achieve the highest level of ascension. Lot of divine souls
already have taken birth in this period. These newborn babies are joining the growing Siddha family. Many new borns have received “Shaktipath”by Babaji. He predicts that these children will
take humanity to Satyug through their divinity.

The increase in the negative energy will correspond with the increase in the positive energy in the form of great spiritual souls, who would be instrumental in restoring positive balance in the universe.

If you are interested in self-realization. You must become a part of Siddha family. And join in the divine mission of spreading unconditional love.