Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Every One knows about Mahabharata,
Let’s revisit the above incident,
In the battlefield of Kurushetra ,Why Krsna guides the chariot of Arjuna into the centre-space between the armies of Pandava’s and Kaurava’s…..
Our Life is Kurushetra the battlefield where we struggle(out of Ignorance) each moment, Chariot is our Atma, Arjuna is our Ignorance, Centre-space is the Space inbetween our Right brain and Left brain, Army of Pandava’s and Kaurava’s are our unlimited desires, thoughts and vices….
When our Intellect and Wisdom gets confused and becomes indicisive out of Ignorance of the Supreme Reality, you surrender to the Paramatma leaving all your desires, thoughts,vices, intellect etc, that is when you realises the purpose of your Birth, you realises your Karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga and Gyana yoga, (without Karma you will not get Bhakti and without Bhakti you will not get Gyana) you merge with Him , when you realises His true form, you get to see His Vishwa-Rupa, you realize, you are one among Him, an He is one among You….


  1. Fantastic, But supprised, how where u get this kind of thoughts.
    Really one needs to appriciate this kind of thoughts
    Rajesh Dolia

    1. Thanks for your appreciation.. When She blesses everything comes by itself .. it's not my effort, it's Her inspiration !!