Saturday, July 14, 2012


According to me, the Ghee Deepam which we offer to God, it implies that i will use My Grey Matter (like Ghee is used in deepam) and Light up the society with my Humble Atma, like the deepam light up the altar by keeping the Jyot(ATMA) steadily..
We Light 5 Agarbathies, which implies we will use our 5 Sense Organs to spread the Fragrance in the society, like Agarbathies does in the Pooja room..
We break and offer Coconut to the God, it implies that whatever harder we be outside due to our Ego, we break our Ego, when we come to you,and we become as tender as a coconut.
We remove shirt during pooja, it implies that we are shedding our Ego.
We take Theertam by bending our Index finger, it implies that we are bending our Ego(pointing finger)..
We stand up in a queue for hours together to have Darshan of the God, but the Moment we go in front of Him, we tend to close our eyes, it's because God is Paramatma, and we are Atma, and the world is Maya(illusion), so when there is Union between Paramatma and Atma, Maya should not be there...

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