Thursday, September 13, 2012


Lord Rama = Self
Sita = Bhakti
Lakshman = Anger
Bharata = Dedication

Lord Hanuman = Atma bal
Jambavant = Gyana
Ravana = Ego
Kumbharkana etc = Vices
Marich = illusion

Rama(self) goes behind Marich (illusion) who is in the form of deer, Rama (Self) asks Lakshmana (Anger) to safe guard Sita( Bhakti), and Ravana(Ego) kidnaps her, it was with the help of Hanuman(Atma Bal/Inner Strength) that Rama(Self) fought with Ravana(Ego) to release Sita(Bhakti) from his captivity, even Hanuman was not aware of his strength, it was Jambavant(gyana) who makes him realizes his hidden strength ..

Never allow your anger to protect your devotion, Illusion(MAYA) always distracts the self from the Infinite one, and Ego always try to suppress Devotion, it requires knowledge to know your inner strength..

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