Saturday, September 29, 2012



When The Unmanifest Being Becomes Many
by Swahilya Shambhavi

Vibhuti means becoming. The Being, which is not manifested as any material object or thought manifests itself and is percieved by the sense organs and the mind and becomes Vibhuti. In the Yoga of Manifestation, Arjuna implores Krishna to reveal His true Identity, His Manifestations, as only the Supreme Self can reveal itself. He wishes to know, in what ways, names & forms can the Supreme be meditated upon.
Krishna agress to list some of the important Manifestations,as the list is quite limitless,
"I am the Soul in all beings , 
I am the beginning, middle and end of existence, among the children of Aditi, 
I am Vishnu and among the Stellar creations, 
I am the Sun, 
I am the Moon among all the Stars. 

Among the four Vedas or ancient knowledge, 
I am Sama Veda & 
among the Gods, I am Indra, the King. 

Among the Sense Organs, 
I am the Subtle Mind and 
I am the Awareness in all living beings. 
I am Shiva among the Rudras or agents of destruction of everything old. 

Among all the Semi-divine and Rakshasas, I am Kubera, the Lord of the Wealth. 

Among the Eight Vasus, I am Fire and 
among all the Mountain Peaks, I am Meru, 
I am Priest of all the Priests-Brihaspati, the Guru of Gods. 

Among the Chieftains of the Army, I am Subramanya, the Commander of the Divine Army. 

Among all the Water Bodies I am the Ocean.

Among the Great Seers of the Truth, I am Bhrighu, 

Among all the Words, I am the Sacred Syllable OM, the Universal Cosmic Sound.

Among all the Known Forms of Sacrifices, I am Austerity of Japa or repetation of the divine name. 

Among all the Steady and Unmoving Objects, I am Himalayas, 
I am the Holy Ashwatha tree among all Trees, 
Narada among all the divine seers. 
Uchaishravas-the divine Horse, 
Airavata-Lord of the Elephants, 
King among Men, 
Thunderbolt among Weapons, 
Kamadhaneu among the Cows,
the Sexual desire that leads Procreation. 
Vasuki among the Serpents, 
Prahlada among the divine Child full of devotion among the Daityas, 

Among all fields involving Calculaations, I am Time. 
I am Lion among Animals, Garuda among the Birds. 

Among everything that Purifies, I am the Wind, the Subtlest; 

Among the Wielders of the Bow & Arrows, I am Sri Rama; 
I am the Shark among Fish and the Ganges among Rivers, 

Among all types of Knowledge, I am the Knowledge that Pertains to the Soul or the essence of the Self. 
Among those who Argue, I am the Right Reasoning!!


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