Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tolerance And Love

Tolerance And Love !!

This a story from the life of Acharya Haridas Thakur 

Acharyaji had a habit of having a dip in the Holy river Ganges daily prior to his daily pooja..

One day a Muslim Kazi was standing on his terrace and saw Acharyaji coming back after having his Dip in the Ganges,.. Out of Mischief this Kazi Spit on the head of the Acharyaji...

Acharyaji did not got disturbed nor felt Angry,.. he went again and had the holy dip in the river Ganges once again, and on his way back again this kazi spit on the Acharyaji........

This went on for almost the whole day ! the Kazi started feeling his throat dry, he went and prostrated at the feet's of the Acharyaji and asked for his forgiveness,, .. the Merciful Acharyaji, lifted him and Hugged him and said " you are so kind that because of you, i had the opportunity to have dip in the Holy Ganges for 108 times "... or else i would have gone back having only once !!!

My Krishna wanted me to have 108 times and he has come in your form, and i see my Krishna in You !!!!!!!

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