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Meditation on Lord Shiva

Meditation on Lord Siva


Saguna meditation is meditation on a form. An archer first
aims at a gross, big object. Then he takes up a medium object. Finally, he shoots at very small and
minute objects. Even so, one should take to Saguna meditation to start with, and when the mind is
trained and disciplined well, he can have Nirakara, Nirguna meditation. Saguna meditation is
meditation on a concrete object. Saguna meditation is peculiarly pleasing the Bhakta, who loves to
gaze on the peculiar form of his Ishta. Saguna Upasana removes Vikshepa. For three or six months,
practise Trataka on Siva’s picture.

Meditate on the mental picture of the Murti from half to two hours only in the Trikuti (space
between the eyebrows). See and feel that the Lord is present in every object of the universe. When
you meditate, mentally repeat the Mantra of the Devata, ‘Om Namah Sivaya’; think of the attributes
of the Deity such as omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. Feel that Sattvic qualities from
the Ishtam flow towards you. Feel that you possess these Sattvic qualities. This is Sattvic or Suddha
Bhavana. You will have Darsana of your Ishtam in one or two years, if you are sincere in your
Sadhana. Follow this plan. This will help concentration. Move the mind on the various parts of the
Murti, the picture or idol of Lord Siva, and meditate. Sit upon your usual Asana. Repeat His name
and think of His attributes like bliss, radiance, love, etc., gazing at His picture all the while. Then
enthrone Him in the lotus of your heart or between your eyebrows amidst a blazing light. Now
mentally think of His lotus-feet, offering your devout salutations. Take the mind to the
elephant-skin worn round the waist, then to the necklace of Rudraksha beads, adorning His chest,
and the beautiful blue hue of His throat (Nilakantha), serene countenance, radiating the majestic
aura of profound meditations, the indrawn half-closed meditative eyes, the mysterious third eye in
the centre of the forehead. Next take the mind up to the matted locks, the cool crescent moon, and
the sacred Ganga sprouting from the Jata. Rotate your mind on the trident (Trisula) in one hand, and
then, the Damaru, in the other. Run your mind over the whole form till you complete all the details.
Then fix your mind either on the face or upon the starting point (feet). Repeat the entire process
again and again, as many times as you can. By constant practice, you will ultimately be established
in meditation and have communion with Siva.


This is meditation on Lord Siva, in His all-pervasive,unmanifested aspect, as the Supreme Para Brahman. In this form of meditation, you meditate on
Lord Siva as the Supreme Brahman without form, attributeless, eternal, infinite. Meditate on Him as the Suddha, Satchidananda, Vyapaka Atman; Nitya, Suddha, Siddha, Buddha, Mukta, eternally free Brahman; an unlimited Ocean of Pure Consciousness. Now, identify yourself with this
transcendental Svarupa of Siva. Feel that you are Chaitanya, Akhanda, Paripurna, Ekarasa, Santa, Unchanging Existence.

Every atom, every molecule, every nerve, vein, artery, should powerfully vibrate with these
ideas. Lip-repetition of ‘Sivoham’ will not produce much benefit. It should be through heart, head
and soul. This feeling should be kept up continuously. Negate the body-idea while repeating
Sivoham mentally. 

When you chant Sivoham feel:

Infinity I am Sivoham Sivoham
All light I am Sivoham Sivoham
All joy I am Sivoham Sivoham
All glory I am Sivoham Sivoham
All power I am Sivoham Sivoham
All knowledge I am Sivoham Sivoham
All Ananda I am Sivoham Sivoham

Meditate on the above ideas constantly. Constant effort with zeal and enthusiasm, is an indispensable requisite. 

Repeat mentally the above ideas incessantly. You will realise HIM.


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