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                   SWARA YOGA

What is Swara Yoga?

Swara is a Sanskrit word, meaning sound or note. It is also a continuous flow of air through one nostril. Yoga means union, so Swara yoga is a science which is realization of cosmic consciousness through control and manipulation of breath.
Swara Yoga is science which is a complete study, observations, control and manipulation of breath or Swara. Pranayama is only related to control of breath in various ways. In Swara yoga, you will find association of breath in relation to activities of sun, moon, various seasons, physical and mental conditions of individuals,etc. So Swara Yoga is more comprehensive in theory and practices related to breath.
Applications of Swara Yoga as per Sanskrti Text "Shiva Swarodaya" - 
Swara yoga is useful while initiating any action starting from waking up in the morning, having a bath, eating, involving in different types of works, mental activities, physical activities etc. One can easily make out that Swara Yoga touches all parts of human life.

Few applications of Swara Yoga- 
o Fighting wars , Overcome enemy, winning friends
o Gaining wealth, prosperity, popularity
o Winning favor of the King, 
o Knowledge of past, present & future
o Achieving sound mental, physical & spiritual health
o Swara in Daily Life
- Journey, eating, exercising, working, excreting, sleeping
- For Yoga & Meditation

3 Types of Swara
There are 3 main Swara, Ida Nadi or Left Swara (Nadi is flow of Pranic energy in body), Pingala Nadi or Right Swara and Sushumna or third Swara.

o Ida / Lunar / Left Swara - The breath through the left nostril
o Ida Nadi located on the Left side of spinal Cord
o It represents Moon / female Shakti (Energy) principle
o Left Swara is associated with Mental Activities, Parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation)
o Connection to the right hemisphere of the brain
o Left Swara is considered to be Auspicious, smooth & virtuous
o Bright fortnight (15 days starting from the next day of no moon to full moon day)
o Fruitful results when Left Swara is active on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday.
o Zodiac signs during Lunar flow- Tauras, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

o Pingala / Solar or Right Swara - The breath through right nostril
o Pingala Nadi located on the right side of spinal Cord 
o It represents Sun / Male Shiva(consciousness) principle
o Right Swara is associated with Pranic activities (Physical activities), Sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response / stress response)
o Connection to the left hemisphere of the brain
o Right Swara is considered as Rough, non virtuous
o Dominance during dark fortnight (15 days from the next day of full moon to no moon)
o Right Swara gives fruitful results Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday
o Zodiac signs during Solar flow - Aries, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius
Acts to be performed when Left Swara is Active
o All auspicious acts
o Stable, permanent actions
o Purchasing jewelry, clothes, journey etc.
o Construction of house
o Offices, temple, etc.
o Marriages, religious rights, peaceful work
o Treating incurable diseases
Acts to be performed when Right Swara is Active
o Extreme tantra techniques.
o Meanest & worst actions
o Drinking wine, destroying enemies
o Sensual pleasures
o Work requires extreme dynamism, 
o physical work
o Solving Mathematics, 
o Eating, gratifying the senses, captivating women

Third Swara "Sushumna"
o Located Center of the spinal cord
o It represents "Shiva" (pure consciousness) in the state of "So-Ham"
o Sushumna is said to be active when Left & right Swara flows together
o No worldly action recommended, work gives no result
o It indicates non attachment to the mundane things
o While third Swara is active Meditation recommended

Rhythms of Swara
o Each Swara (Left and Right ) Alternates in 60 Min - One Swara is active for about 1 to 1.5 hours depends on the individual, and after that 2nd Swara starts flowing, this cycle continues during the day and night.
o These Swara Activities are related to Moon phases 
o Sunrise timing is crucial - Generally for healthy people the Swara should change at the time of sunrise and sunset.
o Lunar / left Swara 
o Active during 1st 3 days of Bright fortnight at sunrise
o Right / solar Swara
o Active during 1st 3 days of dark fortnight at sunrise

Readjusting the Swara
o Close active nostril with finger or cotton wool
o Inhale through active nostril & exhale through inactive
o Apply pressure to the armpit of the active nostril
o Lie down on the same side of the active nostril
o Cold bath or hot water changes the Swara
o Food consumed changes Swara
- Chili, ginger - Solar / right Swara
- Yogurt, bananas - left / lunar Swara

Swara Indication - 
Physical & Mental activities
Common Cold - common cold indicates dominating Left Swara, which indicates cold. One can change this dominating left Swara to right Swara and cure the common cold or other diseases.
Acidity - if Right Swara dominates, it indicates the person will suffer from either acidity or fever. Right Swara is Hot in nature.

Swara Yoga is still unexplored area and a lot of scientific research needs to be carried out before all facts and exact relation of Swara and physical and mental activities is known.

Hari Om...............................

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