Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spiritual Tea

Spiritual Tea ! 

Most of Us have seen Tea, and majority of them know the process of making it.

Let’s see what it says..

Tea Bowl = Human Body
Water = Unconditional Love
Milk = Purity of thought's 
Sugar = Joy
Tea Leaves = Devotion
Filter/Sieve = Wisdom
Fuel(LPG Gas) = Sense Organs
Burner  = Ego 

Add Water, Milk, Sugar, and Tea Leaves in a Tea Bowl boil it on the gas burner, the more it boils the stronger Tea is Produced and filter it with Sieve and have a excellent Tasty Tea…

In the same way:
When our Unconditional love, Devotion, Pure thoughts and joy is added to the Self, and our sense organs heats this mix by burning the Ego, it produces a beautiful blend of Tea, the more it boils the much Stronger the devotion and filter it with Wisdom, and feel the Ultimate BLISS of Spiritual Tea ! 


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