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Why do Indian ladies decorate their hair with Jasmine flowers

Why do Indian ladies decorate their hair with  Jasmine flowers

Flower garlands are hands down the best natural deodorant and may also protect against bacterial infections.

Flowers in head are worn in Northern India as well especially during traditional worship process and festivals.

There are different paths in Vedic age worship processes centered around Divine mother goddess Saraswathi, Sharadha, Lakshmi, Shakthi depending on how one wants to orient and approach the Divne mother. This is for earning wisdom, grace, faith, strong focus, education, skill expertise, wealth, energy, love, peace, joy, stability, respect and strong community. The worship process is called as Suvasini puja, Lakshmi puja, Durga puja, Devi puja etc.

Most of the traditional attire worn by feminine in India esp. Southern India is an extension and derivative out of following, performing and involvement in daily Vedic age worship process or puja.

Flowers are applied extensively in most worship processes in the Hindu way, including worship of Divine mother goddess.

The participants and sponsors are expected to adhere to the traditional attire red Kumkum, sandalwood paste dot or line on forehead center and hair nape, brushed hair, flowers in hair or behind ears, blouse or ravika, wrap around cloth sari, bangles and anklets.

For men the traditional attire includes red Kumkum, sandal wood paste dot, ceremonial ashes dot or lines on forehead center, flowers behind upper ear, open upper body or long upper vest covering hands fully and reaching to waist or kness, ceremonial shoulder cloth (utthariyam) wrapped and tied firmly around the waist,  inner wear, waist below covered by cloth wrap (dhoti or utthama vastra).

Footwear must be left outside worship area in most traditional worship ceremonies in India.

Jasmine flower garland along with other flowers is widely and extensively applied as an offering in Divine mother goddess worship.

After the primary worship session, the flowers offerings are distributed to the worship sponsors, seekers and supporters which are worn with absolute reverence as a sacred energized return offering or sacred gift from Divine mother goddess.

There are also many other sacred energized return offerings such as food (prashaad), drink (theerth), sacred leaves, sacred ashes, sacred turmeric powder, sacred red Kumkum powder which are expected to be worn and consumed immediately in the worship area.

It is based on ayurvedic practice. Jasmine's fragrance reduces nervousness and also keeps the brain in calmness. There by when the husband(partner) was with her he would feel calmness. In bed it reduces the brain's tension, thereby reducing pre ejaculation. After the intercourse both the husband and wife would inhale rapidly, at that time jasmine's fragrance would calm their mind. Today's generation reinventing this thing and saying "Smoking after sex is great", But this new practice of "Smoking after sex"is neither good for brain nor for body. But jasmine is good for both.

 It also absorbs heat of the skull through the hair, the scent of jasmine has the power to release feel-good brain chemicals that boost energy as well as reduce anxiety. In old times males also had long hairs, and they also decorated their hair with flowers. Fashion got changed , today only girls are doing it.

 And the main thing is jasmine's fragrance brings attraction to that person.

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