Friday, October 20, 2017

Your heart is the abode of God

Your heart is the abode of God...

Like a lotus turned downwards is the Heart,
a span below the neck and a span above the navel.
Know that heart to be the abode of God.
Surrounded by nerves, it hangs down like a lotus bud
At its end is a subtle nerve,
in which is established the Being, who is everything.
A great fire is at its center, which has
flames all around, spreading in all directions.
It is the first partaker, the ageless knower,
who digests and circulates food.
Above and below are its spreading flames
It keeps its body hot from head to feet.
At its core lies a flame, tapering finely upwards
like the awn of corn, yellow, bright and subtle,
flashing like a lightening in the heart of a dark cloud.
At the center of this flame is installed the Supreme Being.
He is Brahman. He is Siva. He is Indra
He is the indestructible Supreme Being, the lord Himself. 

( Excerpts from the Taittariya Aranyaka III.13)


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