Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bhaav of Bhagwan

Everyone knows about Gajendra Moksha........ Here is another interpretation....
When Gajraj prays to Bhagwan Vishnu to save him from the clutches of the crocodile, Bhagwan cuts the head of the crocodile with His Sudharshan Chakra! 
After singing stutis in praise of the Bhagwan it strucks to Gajraj that Bhagwan has given Moksha to crocodile too, he asks Bhagwan: How come you gave Moksha to the crocodile also? 
Yes, I gave moksha to him too, what can I do, he was holding the feet of my Bhakta, and whoever respects my bhakta, I am obliged to do Udhar to them also! I love My Bhakta, and I love those too who loves my bhaktas! 
(Note: even tho' crocodile was holding the feet with an intention of killing the Gajraj, Bhagwan neglected crocodile's intentions and gave crocodile the Moksha just because crocodile was holding the feet of the Bhakta)

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