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If you are in contact with your heart you will know contentment and bliss, just like sweet springs flowing towards you, filling you, overflooding you. But we don't have the contact with the heart. The heart is beating, but we don't have the contact.

You will have to understand it because just by having a heart, don't go on thinking that you are in contact with it. You are not in contact with many things in your body, you are just carrying your body.

Contact means a deep sensitivity. You may not even feel your body. It happens that only when you are ill do you feel your body. There is a headache, then you feel the head; without a headache, there is no contact with the head. There is a pain in the leg, you become aware of the leg. You become aware only when something goes wrong.

If everything is okay you remain completely unaware, and really, that is the moment when contact can be made - when everything is okay - because when something goes wrong then that contact is made with illness, with something that has gone wrong and the wellbeing is no more there. You have the head right now, then the headache comes and you make the contact. The contact is made not with the head but with a headache. With the head, contact is possible only when there is no headache and the head is filled with a wellbeing. But we have almost lost the capacity. We don't have any contact when we are okay. So our contact is just an emergency measure. There is a headache: some repair is needed, some medicine is needed, something has to be done, so you make the contact and do something.

Try to make contact with your body when everything is good. Just lie down on the grass, close the eyes, and feel the sensation that is going on within, the wellbeing that is bubbling. Lie down in a river. The water is touching the body and every cell is being cooled. Feel inside how that coolness enters cell by cell, goes deep into the body. The body is a great phenomenon, one of the miracles of nature.

Sit in the sun. Let the sunrays penetrate the body. Feel the warmth as it moves within, as it goes deeper, as it touches your blood cells and reaches to the very bones. And the sun is life, the very source.

So with closed eyes just feel what is happening. Remain alert, watch and enjoy. By and by you will become aware of a very subtle harmony, a very beautiful music continuously going on inside. Then you have the contact with the body; otherwise, you carry a dead body.

A new research has found out that whenever a disease happens, for six months continuously before it happens the body goes on giving signals to you. Six months is such a long time! A disease is going to happen in 2018; in the middle of 2017 the body will start giving you signals - but you don't hear, you don't understand, you don't know. When the disease has happened already, only then will you become aware. Or even then you may not be aware - your doctor first becomes aware that you have some deep trouble inside.

If you are in touch with your inner self, you will find out the change in the Bio-energy, you can feel the onset of the disease, which can be treated before it grows any further. If a cancer is going to happen next year it can be treated right now. There are no physical indications, but just in the body electricity things are changing - not in the body, in the body electricity, in the bioenergy, things are changing.

First, try to be more and more sensitive about your body. Listen to it; it goes on saying many things, and you are so head-oriented you never listen to it. Whenever there is a conflict between your mind and body, your body is almost always going to be right more than your mind, because the body is natural, your mind is societal; the body belongs to this vast nature, and your mind belongs to your society, your particular society, age, time. The body has deep roots in existence, the mind is just wavering on the surface. But you always listen to the mind, you never listen to the body. Because of this long habit contact is lost. 

You have the heart, and heart is the root, but you don't have any contact. First, start having contact with the body. Soon you will become aware that the whole body vibrates around the center of the heart just as the whole solar system moves around the sun. Hindus have called the heart the sun of the body. The whole body is a solar system and moves around the heart. You became alive when the heart started beating, you will die when the heart stops beating. The heart remains the solar center of your body. Become alert to it. But you can become alert, by and by, only if you become alert to the whole body.

While hungry, why not meditate a little? - there is no hurry. While hungry just close your eyes and meditate on the hunger, on how the body is feeling. You may have lost contact because our hunger is less bodily, more mental. You eat every day at one o'clock. You look at the watch; it is one - so then you feel hunger. And the clock may not be right. If somebody says, "That clock has stopped at midnight. It is not functioning. It is only eleven o'clock," the hunger disappears. This hunger is false, this hunger is just habitual, because the mind creates it, not the body. Mind says, "One o'clock - you are hungry." You have to be hungry. You have always been hungry at one o'clock, so you are hungry.

Our hunger is almost ninety-nine percent habitual. Go on a fast for a few days to feel real hunger, and you will be surprised. For the first three or four days, you will feel very hungry. On the fourth or fifth day, you will not feel so hungry. This is illogical because as the fast grow you should feel more and more hungry. But after the third day you will feel less hungry, and after the seventh day, you may completely forget hunger. After the eleventh day, almost everybody forgets hunger completely and the body feels absolutely okay. Why? And if you continue the fast.... Those who have done much work on fasting say that only after the twenty-first day will real hunger happen again. 

So it means that for three days your mind was insisting that you were hungry because you had not taken food, but it was not hunger. Within three days the mind gets fed up with telling you; you are not listening, you are so indifferent. On the fourth day, the mind doesn't say anything, the body doesn't feel hunger. For three weeks you will not feel hunger, because you have accumulated so much fat - that fat will do. You will feel hunger only after the third week. And this is for normal bodies. If you have too much fat accumulated you may not feel hungry even after the third week. And there is a possibility to accumulate enough fat to live on for three months, ninety days. When the body is finished with the accumulated fat, then for the first time real hunger will be felt. But it will be difficult.

You can try with thirst, that will be easy. For one day don't take water, and wait. Don't drink out of habit, just wait and see what thirst means, what thirst would mean if you were in a desert.

The real taste of food is known only by your tongue, and that tongue is very deceptive. That tongue has been serving the mind so long it is no more serving the body. The tongue can deceive you, it has become a slave of the mind. It can go on saying, "Go on eating. It is very beautiful." It is not serving the body anymore, otherwise, the tongue would say, "Stop!" The tongue would say, "Whatsoever you are eating is useless. Don't eat!" Even the tongues of cows and buffaloes are more body-rooted than your tongue. You cannot force a buffalo to eat any type of grass - she chooses. You cannot force your dog to eat when he is ill - he will immediately go out, eat some grass and vomit. He is more in contact with his body. 

First one has to become deeply aware of this phenomenon of the body. A revival of the body, a resurrection, is needed - you are carrying a dead body. Then only will you feel, by and by, that the whole body with all its desires, thirsts and hunger, is revolving around the heart. Then the beating heart is not only a mechanism, it is the beating life, it is the very pulsation of life. That pulsation gives contentment and bliss. 

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